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Who We Are

Maybell is the brainchild of Mr. Sridhar Venkatesh & his wife, Madhavi who created the brand in 1999 to address a glaring need in the wardrobes of South Indian Women. Started as a niche loungewear brand, Maybell has since grown from strength to strength and now has a wide product range in it's portfolio. As well as wholesale, Maybell has both a significant retail and online presence. Currently, we retail via 80+ outlets all across South India including shop-in-shop counters at Kalyan Silks in Kerala, as well as three retail showrooms in Ashok Nagar, Chennai, Adyar Chennai & Coimbatore. Wherever we are, we look to inspire our customers and our employees with our assortment of apparel and accessories.


Working At Maybell

Here at Maybell, we strive to create a close-knit culture that involves committed, passionate employees. Some of our people have been with the company since inception and have become the real pillars of the company. We foster this culture through hiring and retaining smart, creative people who through communication and collaboration are able to deliver the story of our brand. With that in mind, some of the experiences that we look for in our prospective employees include:

  1. Relevant Educational Background / Training
  2. Relevant job experience
  3. Internship experience (For freshers)
  4. Previous leadership roles (For management roles)
  5. Extracurricular activities
  6. Portfolio / Relevant samples of work
  7. Fashion experience / Interest in Fashion


Interviewing With Us

Some of the things we looks for in prospective employees at an interview is as follows:

  1. Does this person LOVE Maybell? We want people who love what we are about and who can relate to our products.
  2. Do they understand our aesthetic while also having their own point of view? Creative, independent people thrive here. We’re not looking for yes men (or yes women).
  3. Do they have ambition, drive and energy? At Maybell, you will be given a lot of space and are expected to get results of your own driving. You can go as far as your ambition will take you.


What We Look For In Employees

We love to see Passion, Drive, Enthusiasm & Happiness in our employees because we firmly believe that happy employees mean a happy company. Professionalism, Focus, Commitment, Sincerity and Hard work are also things that we are always on the look out for because these contribute to a valuable work environment. Honesty & Loyalty are qualities we value for this cements the relationship between employee & employer. We also look for people who can become a part of the big, happy family which is our company so Team work is Key and above all we are looking for Intelligence and Creativity for these go far in our company.


Current Openings

Check back here from time to time as we publish details of job vacancies as and when they arise.